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CGIs and Architectural Visualisations greatly benefit planning applications

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

While planning applications can be a struggle, we have seen the use of CGIs being increasingly used to boost and facilitate the approval process. CGIs can be described using different expressions such as architectural visualisations and visuals, 3D architectural rendering or renders, exterior rendering, interior rendering, artist impressions or 3D photo insertions … [the list goes on] but they all come to the same thing when applying for the permission to build or transform a property. To stay on topic in this article, we will call CGIs by their better name: Architectural Visualisation. They are pictures of buildings and transformations that do not exist yet and as we know; pictures are today’s best way to communicate. Architectural Visualisations are more efficient that words, graphic and drawings because they use context, ideas and geometry and transform them into what the end-product is, a completed property.

Local councils across the UK are asking increasingly for Architectural Visualisations to get a realistic insight into your proposal. Large planning applications need already to be completed with CGIs, but smaller applications are getting more requests as well to facilitate planners’ decision-making process. When receiving planning applications, Local Councils will need to send time and energy to translate the documents and drawings. When Architectural Visualisations are added from preliminary stages, the planning application process is greatly facilitated by allowing a quicker understanding of the project. Indeed, architects and other designers provide 2D drawings which might be difficult to visualise, and this is where CGIs are especially useful. They provide a realistic understanding of the planning application when the translation of lines and words becomes reality.

When a 3D architect or a Design Studio is creating Architectural Visualisations or 3D architectural renderings, they input all necessary information to visualise the project in all its details. Varied materials can be applied to compare facilitate the design decisions, different geometry can be created, and no stone are left unturned when looking at Architectural Visualisations. This is the main reason why they smooth the process of obtaining the planning applications and greatly benefit planning applications. There you have it, by choosing the right 3D Architect, you can get faster the final seal of approval on your dream home. Check our portfolio to see successful projects and their level of details which got their seal of approval by being back up by Architectural Visualisations.



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